mayville, ny

mayville, ny

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In Mayville, NY, making plans for a wedding or special event? Creative and fun clients, like you, enjoy working with me, John Gallagher. I have 20 years full-time experience, and offer you professional wedding and special event DJ services in Chautauqua County to help you plan an amazing celebration! We’ll make a great team!

wedding & special event DJ services

By choosing me, here’s what you receive:

  • Family & friends packing the dance floor
  • Tired feet, happy guests!
  • Tons of fun!

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With my many years of wedding & special event DJ experience, you’ll have peace of mind that the entertainment will be fun and memorable! My online tools in the client area make it easy and fun to plan 24/7!

Let’s take the next step and work together. Get in touch with John Gallagher today!

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